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CMR College of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad, Telangana

About VOGCE:

CMRCET provides a platform for students through experiential learning, project based learning and service based learning through EPICS. CEER has extended its wings to engineering educators through certification programs and teaching and learning pedagogies. Under the umbrella of CEER, two freshmen engineering courses are introduced i.e., Engineering Exploration & Practice, Introduction to Social Innovation for the first year students. Faculty from various disciplines of engineering are deputed to handle the freshmen engineering courses.

Our mission and vision are strengthened by global collaborations such as Indo Universal Collaboration for Engineering Education -IUCEE


To empower the students in to a globally challenged and socially recognized platform by promoting innovations and research in the field of engineering.


To accomplish a unique learning environment for innovation and creativity through experiential learning that moulds the students to excel in the multidisciplinary facet of engineering.

To introduce students to an age-old practice of Meditation so that they have calm, confident and focused mind. Also to promote sense of social ethics, responsibility and mutual respect.

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